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Golden Week! It always flies by so soon!
Hello, everyone! We are back to school from Golden Week break. This time me and my family decided to stay local and not to mess with traffic. Frankly, I've imagined myself staying home and taking it really slow. But my children had different plans, of course. The weather was just perfect, and we were heading out very early almost every day.
I took my children to Inokashira park. It's just a 30 minutes train ride from our place and has many things for children and parents to enjoy. We visited it's zoo and attractions park, took a ride on a swan boat and had lunch under the trees. Inokashira park is very big and always not crowded, which is a great thing during the Golden Week, isn't it! We visited this park with daddy on the other day as well, that much my children liked it there. My son especially loved the boat and driving it...I was afraid we'd never make it to the pier.
One of my plans for Golden Week was shopping at Yuzawaya. I simply love this store, where I usually buy all my craft and sewing supplies. I went there twice and was really happy with what I have found...
We visited our favorite spot at Kinuta park and let our children run as much as they wanted... I'm always wondering, how much my son has to run to finally get tired and fall asleep right there...I never get to know this...I get tired first:).

We had a little get together at home and celebrated Kumiko's birthday. Maru met many of her friends and went to her cooking school.

Maru had her happiest time riding a bike with daddy. And me, too:)
We all had a wonderful time in Fuji Speed Way on May 5th. We visited Ikura's American Festival and enjoyed live shows, drag race and Kawasaki Z parade. Our famous friend Mr. Iwaki gave a ride to our daughter Maru on his very special custom made Kawasaki Z. She was the happiest girl that day and did really good. I'm so proud, we've made many great memories during this Golden Week and this one was probably the biggest one.

It's good to be back, refreshed and ready for any challenges. It's beautiful outside and our Sunflower class members enjoyed their park time in the sun. The first day after Golden Week was very productive in preschool, we have reviewed all of the friends' names spelling and have learned how to write YES and NO. Our preschoolers accomplished a questionnaire about their favorite drinks and wrote their friends' and teachers' answers themselves. They loved this activity!
Thursday Cram School starts this week! We had our first lesson yesterday, and our four students did their best. I see you all at school!

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