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New stuff! How cool!
Hello, everyone! This month is almost over and all of our students are getting their  May monthly reports. Two weeks ago Shawn did an incredible job going to the yard sale and getting all kinds of new stuff for our classroom, we got lots of books for our big library, manipulatives for preschool and most important - very cool and fun to play board games, like Zingo and Ravens burger board games. Of course , we put new stuff to use right away, and our students loved it. Thank you, Shawn!
Month of May is great in Japan because of beautiful weather and lots of unbelievably pretty flowers. It is not humid yet, there are no mosquitoes yet and we can get out of school and explore the area around it. We even take a ride to a park little far from Little Minds and then walk back enjoying this truly  pleasant weather. One of our favorite spots is a park in Kyodo with fountains, new slides and swings.
Our classroom is filled with new students in the morning, new preschoolers entered our Daisy Class. Our 3 and 4 year old preschoolers became our Sunflower class members.  2 year old students are busy with fine motor skills activities, there's plenty of things to do: lacing and puzzles, beading and cutting with plastic scissors, the most favorite activity among little ones for already two month is - CLAY. Daisy class absolutely forgets about time working with clay. Little muscles are working hard making little brains grow minute by minute.
Sunflower class is mastering their phonics and reading skills. They also like patterns and complicated puzzles, some of them are even for elementary school students but are successfully used in our preschool. Like this maze for example.
Thursday Cram School works hard on writing, pronunciation and reading. Our phonics bingo with individual set of cards makes every student think hard after a new card is called, they look for the pictures with the same beginning sounds and flip them over. It's not a very easy thing to do: we have hundreds of vocabulary cards representing different topics, our students have to remember them all to accomplish their mission. They are doing well, and learning new words every week.
Language arts class is being full and busy every time. This week we spend an hour of our time making a beautiful lantern with an actual candle inside of it. We used the heavy weight paper and a very thin type of chinese paper, which one of our preschool students' mother was very nice to give us. We used chopsticks to make our lanterns stable, glue, tape and cute spring patterns. All of the students worked very hard, but the outcome was great and made every parent smile. And us as well.

We are very happy to welcome lots of new students this month. We are proud to have you on our team!
We are a little sad to say -Good Bye- to our preschool student - Haruka, who left with her parents overseas and will be back only in couple of years. She will be attending a new preschool, and we are sure Haru will make a good impression with her wonderful social skills, fluent English and very good beginning reading skills. She always did a great job at Little Minds, was very motivated and ready to study. We will miss her every day look forward to seeing her again.

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