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Flora & Fauna
Hello, everyone! It's been a while, and I have to tell you what we have been studying here with our students at Little Minds.
Month of June's theme is Flora & Fauna. We learn about animal habitat and what beautiful or very useful plants different countries are famous for.

This month's theme is overlapping with May's nature theme: we are reviewing nature things and locations and talk about where different animals live. 
We ask each other questions like: Where do seals live? - and answer: Seals live in the ocean. I must say we learn many new things from biology and geography. Children love to use animal flash cards, maps and globe. They also like to compete with each other and show how much they know already. Our classes are very lively and exciting these days.

Preschool Sunflower class is counting till 100 and practicing writing numbers till 100. Sunflower class students are learning to recognize and read number words and match them with numbers. They also do simple math and phonics drills.

Preschool Daisy class is still getting used to school. I'm proud of our little students, because they almost never cry and get busy as soon as they get to our classroom. There are so many things to explore, there's simply no time to cry. Our little boys love trains and books about transportation, we also assemble puzzles together. Girls love to sing and dance and, of course, dramatic play area is a big hit!
Thursday Cram school is getting it's first success. Our students went from a few worksheets to 10-12 worksheets an hour, they also do their personal reading drills and  vocabulary activities. I must also say how much we appreciate those who sees their children progress and motivation and lets them come more times a week. It's a big difference, when child comes 3 days a week and works on his or her weak points repeatedly.It's a great pleasure for us to see a big progress just in one or two months of studying 2-3 times a week. 

I'd like to announce, that Summer School is coming next month. It's 5 weeks! From July 20th till August 27th. Please, do your reservations in advance! Summer School is a great opportunity for members and non-members. Members do not pay additional fee and just come to their regular lessons, non-members get a nice chance to take a look at our school and experience classes. As always we take Summer School very serious and get ready well. Loads of fun are planned along with yummy snacks and baking projects. We are looking forward to seeing many of our friends and new faces! Do not miss this event! I see you all at school! 

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