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Tanabata or Star Festival

Hello, everyone! Here we are again, it's almost Summer School, but we always have to follow one great Japanese tradition of July and celebrate one of the most beautiful holiday - Tanabata. The story of it is very romantic and kind of sad, I would say...We performed a little puppet show for our Sunflower class to let them know where Tanabata came from.
Here is the story....The super short version! ...The king of the sky separated his daughter from the man she loved, because she spent all her time with him and both forgot to work...king's daughter had a very important job weaving cloth for Gods, and her boyfriend was taking care of the cows... well both were so in love, they forgot to work...Gods had no more clothes, cows got sick...The king f the sky got really mad and stopped his daughter from seeing her boyfriend...But situation didn't change, it even went worse, because young couple was too sad to work now.... The king made them work very hard for a year and let them meet only once on July 7th..... People pray for the sky to be clear on Tanabata's night, so that young couple could meet over the Milky Way....You got to work really hard to get something you really want....
My favorite part of this tradition is making decorations for a bamboo tree with my children and Little Minds students students. Our school is growing so this year we had to get a bigger tree (thank you, Kaori) - well...big enough to be able to hang all of the wishes and decorations on it. Oh, yeah! I forgot one important thing! All of the people write their wishes on colorful papers and also hang them on the tree. We had a great pleasure to observe our Tanabata tree becoming more and more beautiful day after day during the last week and every student got his or her chance to make a wish.
The hardest part of Tanabata is to throw away the tree next day....All of the decorations are made of paper and it's not common to keep them till next year... It's really hard for me to throw away something, what children made with such curiosity and love.... I take many pictures to leave memories....
Enjoy Tanabata, my friends! I see you all at school!

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