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H.C.Andersen Park - Little Minds impression!

Hello, everyone! It's officially summer! And it's been hot-hot for a whole week, almost 40 degrees C. We didn't really go outside during the school days, so we spent a whole Saturday outdoors at H.C. Andersen Park in Funabashi.
We left early in the morning and our bus was full with excited students, their parents and ready for adventures (and a crazy heat) teachers.
We played games and sang on the bus, then ate yummy snacks, thanks to Kumiko for preparing them, she's always so caring and always knows what children love to eat or drink.

Around 10:30 am. we arrived and went straight to children's museum, where we had our early lunch in a very cool and quiet room. Well...we've brought a little noise there , of course:)..
After lunch we got busy with making our special summer time fans...It took us almost an hour to create them, but everybody had so much fun cutting their own designs out of colorful plastic and sticking them to their fans, I must say, it was very difficult to make our students leave that beautiful and peaceful sun room...But we were heading to the water play spot next...and everyone got more excited!
On the way we made a little 15 minutes stop at one of the play grounds and checked out all of the rope jungle gyms and a grass slide...
After all that we were happy to get into the water! What a wonderful choice, I must say, Andersen Park offers for children... The spot was very crowded, but it seemed this fact didn't bother anyone at all...all of the children were enjoying their water paradise.

Around 3pm. it was time to go blueberry picking! What? Again? Yes, I remember, we did it last year, and so many students were looking forward to this treat again, so we decided to put blueberry on our schedule today! And it was worth it! We all got to eat the yummiest berries ever and even take some home as a gift! Isn't that wonderful!

On the way back no one was asleep, everybody exchanged their emotions and shared impressions. It was a real fun adventure, and we even didn't explore the whole park. There were many statues of H.C. Andersen fairy tales's characters...It was a Mrs. Mouse's house to explore and a huge flower to take picture on to feel like Thumbelina. There was a real wind mill to observe and breathtaking landscapes to let  our eyes rest on...so many things, that everybody was ready to come back again with their parents again and explore some more.

We had so much fun! Thank you, everybody, for joining us today and making memories together! It was a great day!

Summer School is in progress! 4 more weeks to go! Do not forget to apply and bring a bunch of friends along! We are always happy to see many faces in our classroom! Enjoy your weekend! And... See you at school!

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