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What color is SUMMER?

Hello, everyone! We are back to our Summer school and all of the children visiting us this year are happy and relaxed. We spend every day enjoying our Creative Learning Centers. Every morning our students find lots of colorful stuff to work with. Just today we had iron beads out, natural materials and clay art, bright and so fun to play with magic super balls for our water play...You can't possibly decide what color is best for this season!

Beginning of this month we were studying about Travel & Transportation, we chose this theme for our curriculum on purpose of course, so that we had an opportunity to talk about all of the places we wanted to go on out summer vacation. Children loved the idea of our Language arts project and drew lots of places they usually go or want to go, and transportation they love to use.
The weather is being so mad, it's just getting hotter and hotter outside. We can not take our little ones anywhere on foot, so we water play every day now. Children love it!

There is much to do every day in our classroom, the best thing is, I think, that we never pressure our students and let them choose from the projects we've planned, this way everyone stays busy and enjoys the process.
What about snacks? Well...there's always plenty at Little Minds. All time favorites are cotton candy, shaved ice and Shawn's absolutely outstanding popcorn! Can not stop eating on it today! Me and Kaori! Just too good! Cotton candy was a hit last week, everybody tasted new flavors like blueberry and cherry, kyoho and muscat. Oh so many flavors! Little preschoolers came very close to see how the cotton candy was being made, and they were so surprised to see how the round candy becomes all that cottony thing on the stick:)))...there were many surprised faces around me and some of them even refused to eat that strange thing at first, but after a first bite, there were no more doubts! Oh, Children! You make us laugh every single day! I love being around you guys!!!
One of the things I do not like is to waste any kind of materials, so I like to to find the new ways how to use the left-overs and little bitty pieces of anything. We always have our preschoolers work with clay and they love to mix colors. Of course after that clay becomes...hmmm...what color, I'm not sure about the exact definition here, but this "colorful" mixture stays, and not many want to work with it again...I thought, why don't we use this clay as a base for other ideas...we came up with the idea of nature materials mosaic. I think, our students did a great job...and we used almost all of the mixed-up clay we had. Good recycling, my friends! And a pretty decoration for your room!
We are happy to be at school during this summer season, we are grateful for all of the friends joining our Summer School and coming to see us. We are in the middle of the second week, and there are three and a half weeks left! We are looking forward to see you, too! Bring your children and their friends! It's HOT outside, but cool in here and so many options for your child to spend their day having fun! See you all at school!

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