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Sharpening Up!
Hello, everyone! How did your week go?
This week at Little Minds we work on our speaking skills and reviewing. We build sentences, and the rule is - we answer any questions with not a word, but a sentence. We encourage our students to speak out loud and not to be afraid to make mistakes.
Meanwhile our classes are growing, and the best way to work is to divide students in two groups. It's great, because we still manage to work in smaller groups and every student gets an opportunity to be a part of conversation.

Here are some of the topics we've covered this week:
Occupations : vocabulary; language arts: Who do you want to be?
Alphabet and Phonics: big and small cases review; matching a picture cards with the alphabet cards: first letter/sound drills;
Spelling own names;
Reading: vowels: short/long; sight- and high frequency words review; basic questions;
Word building: listen and write the words;
Parts of the speech: Noun / Adjective

Good Job, everybody! See you at school!


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