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Boroichi festival

Otsukeresan to all Little Mind family! Last weekend we took a part in one of biggest Tokyo festivals - Boroichi festival! Wow, it was fun! Of course it was tough and all of us didn't really have time to rest, but experience will be unforgettable for sure! 

First of all I'd like to say thank you to all of our students and their parents, who came and supported us! We also thankful to all our friends who stopped by! Thanks to absolutely everyone who did like our spot and bought cute things from us!

There were so many people! Unbelievable! We also experienced all kinds of weather from sunny and fine till rainy, cold and windy! But we all realized how happy we were to have our warm and cozy school space behind our backs, we took turns and had little breaks; our students and friend came to visit, and we had lots of fun!

One more Boroichi festival is taking place soon, in January 2008 (15-16th) and we will be there!  We are inviting everyone again!
Cute goods!                                               Shawn's happy!                                       Kumiko's  busy!


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