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Two days before Little Minds Halloween! And our only concern is the weather!

Hello, everyone! It's been busy here in Little Minds: party preparation, decorations making, candy counting...many things to do...I decided to post lots of pictures for everyone to see, what we've been doing ...Because, pictures speak better then words sometimes.
we carved a real pumpkin again this year, thank you to Kaori for getting it!
And thanks to our preschoolers for being so patient!
What a Lantern, our Jack!
Afternoon classes played old witch game and worked on classroom decorations, we really appreciate everyone's help! I think all of you guys did a great job!

Glitter glue halloweeny shapes, autumn and black leaves streamers, curly streamers...you name it, we've made them all! I'm proud of my students, who are ready to get on any project we throw at them! Someone deserved lots of candy.......
Our grave yard got a very fancy fence!
Preschool was mastering stamping skills along with hand and eye coordination! Happy Halloween images, of course!

Creepy trick-or-treat bags needed? Here we are! This project I have found on line, thanks to Internet for that! It's really easy and fun to make! Children loved the idea and enjoyed making lots of funny and scary faces! Paper bags, magazine cut-outs, glue, scissors, imagination...things, which are available in every school! I love such simple and genius ideas!

We are doing Party and Parade no matter what, even if it rains a little, we are ready to take umbrellas and go trick-or-treating. But! They say hurricane is coming to Tokyo around this Saturday...well...in this case, we will be still doing the party inside , and will give away all of the sweets without parading. So, please, come anyway, if you can. If the weather is too bad for you to get out of your house, please, stay in, and you receive your Halloween treat next week. Halloween is happening anyway!See you at school!

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