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Happy Halloween! (No matter what!)

Hello, everyone! I'd like to thank all of you who wasn't scared of today's hurricane and came to party and trick-or-treat with us at Little Minds! We spent couple of fun-fun-fun hours dancing, laughing, "freezing", guessing, showing off our outfits and just having a great time all together! We've been getting calls all morning from concerned parents, and we found it very heartwarming, that everybody, in spite of this terrible weather, really wanted to come no matter what! Thank you everybody once again!

I must say that costumes were terrific!!! What a great work all of the parents did preparing all these pretty princess and witches' dresses, animation characters' outfits...knights and pirates, fairies and super heroes...Wonderful! Just amazing! We thank our students for participating very well and being so happy with every new game or dance! Guys, you got unbelievable dancing skills!!!
I'm so glad to have a great team...I'm happy that we all truly have fun with every event we do, and it's not just work for us, but great memories we will keep in our hearts. I had so much fun today! Thank you, guys! Kumiko and Kaori were taking care of all of the parents and arriving students during the party, thank you for your wonderful social and managing skills! We all are grateful for Kumiko's work finding all that special Halloween goodies for Pinata and Trick-or-Treat Parade. What a selection!!!I think, everyone was satisfied!!! I got my favorite butter mints!!! I'm one Halloween-happy person! I thank Shawn for being a great entertainer and a great partner to work with! We had a blast today! I thank our security crew, who provided the safe environment for our event. I thank our camera man for all of the beautiful pictures he took, for his hard work and skill. I'm very grateful for our special guests - Vampire couple and their amazingly tough baby- for being a center of everyone's attention and helping us trick-or-treat. We thank Boroichi street community for helping us with organization of the event and providing beautiful glowing sticks for our parade.Thank you all very much! Happy Halloween!
I'm finishing my post tonight and leave you guys with lots of great pictures to enjoy! And if for some reason you missed our Halloween party this year, please, do not be upset, there always the next time! And we are looking forward to it! See you all at school!



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