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Time to decorate! Time to celebrate!

Hello, everyone! November went by so quick, and we find ourselves taking out Christmas decorations, preparing winter season flashcards and cutting out holiday patterns... - red, gold and green...all over our classroom! 
Language Arts class was very happy to decorate our Christmas tree this year! They not only did decorate it, but also drew the most beautiful pictures about it!

Preschool started this month with simple decorations making for their homes! Easy to create Christmas tree out of paper! With lots of holiday images on it and a ribbon to hang it with anywhere they like. 
Afternoon classes were asked about their Christmas wishes, and we were surprised, how many of the students did not decide yet what they really want for Chistmas...hmmm...hurry up! It's December already and Santa Claus is really busy during this season.

We all started playing holiday bingo and talking about the weather changing..it's getting really cold, isn't it...

Along with the Christmas theme we are starting our " Things around my house" theme. This weeks questions for everyone to answer are:

Do you live in a house or an apartment?

How many rooms does your house/apartment have?

Do you have your own room or do you share it with anyone?
What kind of duties do you have at home?/How do you help your mom and dad at home?

We were surprised, how many different things every student is doing at home to help the parents! Washing dishes, taking out the trash, folding the laundry...these activities are on the list of almost every student.Great job!

Our announcements for this month are about Boroichi festival, which is taking place in Boroichi street on December and January 15th and 16th. We were getting ready for this event in advance, and lots of cute and cool stuff is awaiting you, everyone! Handmade things and popular characters from your most loved movies, yummy sweets, books and lots of fun stuff to take home with you!

Winter school starts on December 13th...We offer 10 days of winter season fun!!! Please do not miss it and make your reservations in advance!
This time we give you an opportunity to look into the activities schedule and decide which day is better for you and your children.
 These are the main projects for each Winter School Day, lots of games and stories are prepared as well along with lunch time movies and yummy snacks as always! Please look into this schedule and choose the projects you like to join! Don't forget to bring your friends along!

December 13thChristmas ornaments making day! Many kinds will be made and lots of materials will be used! Loads of fun!!!
December 14thReindeer craft/ Jingle bells art/ Macrame weaving projects/ Christmas iron beading contest
December 15thPinecone tree making / Handprint holiday wreath making
December 16thStyrofoam decorations making / Christmas jewelry projects
December 17thOne more day of Christmas ornaments making! Lots of materials and ideas for your x-mas tree!
December 20thChristmas cookies baking
December 21stSanta recycling crafts / Christmas gifts making
December 22dChristmas cookies baking / Christmas cards making
December 27thBig Painting Day - Winter Wonderland
December 28thSnowman mobile making / Happy New Year clay picture art

I'd like to announce our winter vacation schedule. Little Minds will be off for this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ( December 24th and 25th). The last Winter School day will be December 28th and we will be back to School on January 11th of 2011.

But before then we still have to study and get ready for the holidays! There are many new words to learn, lots of decorations to be made, long lists with friends to congratulate to be written....and so many things to get in order before the new year will arrive! Let's get busy, my friends! I see you all at school! 

 P.S. By the way, we are in process of making our Preschool Year Books right now: choosing pictures, thinking about layouts and designs. Looking at this year's early pictures makes me think of our dear friends who moved abroad. We miss you guys and wish you all the best! We are thinking of you and talking about you every day at school!So many great moments and memories together... Our greetings and warmest regards!

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