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Winter School!

Hello, everyone! Winter School started a week ago and I'm here to give you a photo report! We have created lots of beautiful things, got through two days of Boroichi Festival, and even had a Christmas Party with our Preschool class! Check all of the pictures out!
Shawn came up with a great idea of a holiday handprint wreath!
Of course, holiday season makes everyone excited, we got carried away a little making funny faces with our pretty wreathes!
Kumiko and Kaori were taking care of our little store during Boroichi Festival! Thank you very much, Ladies, for being there even it was really cold outside!
We thank all of the people who came and visited us during Boroichi festival and even bought things from us! Thank you very much indeed.
Pinecone trees, Christmas stockings, writing cards to dear friends...
beautiful felt ornaments with pretty designs!!!

We thank our dear student M. for her yummy winter gift, a huge box of fruits we got just last week!!! Thank you for thinking about us from so far! We cut all of the fruits and eat all together during the Preschool Christmas Party! Everyone loved your gift!!!  Shawn baked yummy sugar cookies and I baked a chocolate cake, since most of the students love chocolate so much!!! We had a great time, didn't we! Thank you everyone for coming last Saturday!
Christmas is just couple of days away!!! See you at school!

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