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Have a Happy New Year! Many good things to come in 2011!

Hello everyone! How was your winter vacation? As for me, my family took it really slow this year and we just had home parties for Christmas and New Years, I spent a lot of time at home, relaxing, playing with my children and renovating my living room a little; we went to hot springs and strawberry picking in Yamanashi prefecture, ate lots of yummy things together with family and close friends. And not to forget! I got lots and lots of sleep! It was a very good time!

The first day of 2011 in Little Minds started with a visit of our dear friend H., who came with her mommy and little sister to see us after a long time spent far from Tokyo. We enjoyed a day in preschool together once again, it was great to see H. speak such good English and look so big. We had a blast together, talking and playing like good old times!
Just after H. left we had no class and took time to celebrate an old Japanese New Year tradition ( Kagami biraki), we cut our big rice cake, which was a decoration in LM, in small pieces and fried them on a big hot plate, my mother-in-low made us a wonderful oshiruko ( sweet red beans soup), we ate rice cakes together with oshiruko, what a yummy treat on a first day of work!!! Kagami biraki has many meanings, but for me ( I live in Japan for 8 years already) it has a meaning of the end of the New Year celebrations, new beginning with an open mind, a fresh start. 


This month in Little Minds we talk about winter season, things we did during our winter vacation, winter sports and clothes we wear when it's cold. We are happy to see everyone back from the winter break. Let's have a great year together! See you at school!

P.S. Boroichi  festival is happening this week on Saturday and Sunday ( 15th and 16th). I know it's very cold and it will be sooo crowded, but we will really appreciate everyone who come and visit our little store again!

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