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Boroichi - January 2011 - Otsukaresama!
Hello, everyone! I feel like I had no weekend, but once again we at Little Minds have experienced one of the biggest Tokyo festivals and been a part of it.
It was one of the coldest weekends I remember, just cold on Saturday and very cold and windy on Sunday, but nothing stopped people from coming. I don't remember Boroichi being that crowded.
Kumiko, Kaori and I prepared very well, and dressed very warm.
Boroichi festival has more then 400 years of history, since very long time ago people were bringing things they don't use anymore and selling them twice a year in Boroichi Street. Let's say it's a huge market! Of course, festival changed a lot, and now you have to be lucky enough to get the place for your shop, food can not be sold without a licence and police is all over the place.People sell not only old and antique things, but lots of other things, toys, jewelry, clothes.... 
I have to say that the festival has it's special spirit, you can see anything sold, and you can see people buying anything as well.
Our little store had lots of inexpensive things for children, and I must say, we did pretty good this time. We thank everyone who came to see us and even bought cute little things from our store. Kaori and I were especially happy to see our handmade stuff sold, most of them were telephone straps and key holders we were handcrafting for couple of month in advance. Thank you all very much!
One of the best things in Boroichi is it's food! There are so many shops selling food, that half of the people comes to Boroichi just because of that! Restaurants are open with their special menu, people buy yakitori, yakisoba and osakayaki, sausages and american dogs, okinawa doughnuts and mini castella; cake shop next to us sell outstanding muffins, cakes, caramel popcorn and cocoa, and the line of waiting people is always there, including me once or twice a day:).
You can say that Boroichi became an international festival, because you can find things and food from all over the world, but it still stays one of the best places in Japan to find rare Japanese (used but still in good shape) furniture, kimono, shoes, amulets - you name it....you can get yourself a sakura or bonsai tree for a really good price. Anything!
I must say we had a great time, it was fun to see many different people, talk to people we didn't see in a while, meet our students, many of them came to Boroichi and went straight to Little Minds store to say Hi! Thank you guys! It was so nice of you!We thank people who were interested in our school, foreigners and Japanese, who came and asked for information, looked at our classroom and said warm and nice things about our environment. We are looking forward to your calls and visits.
 It was hard as well, long hours outside, almost no rest, but it was worth it. I thank my tough ladies Kumiko and Kaori for being there, I thank my family for taking care of my children while I couldn't and being there to help with all of the heavy stuff to carry and put away after the festival.I thank my children for being really good while mommy wasn't there:) Thank you all very much! We are doing it again in December, but till then... I see you all at school!!!


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