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I say: February smells like chocolate!!!

Hello, everyone! We've been busy-busy getting our work done, getting over colds and finishing year books for our preschoolers. I can tell now, that the hard copy is done, only printing left, and all of our Preschool students will receive a beautiful album with memorable moments of the school year 2010-2011.

February started with the family and feelings theme in our classroom, we reviewed all of the vocabulary and learned some more as well. We've been making Valentine's Day cards for parents, colored so many hearts and read our special Valentine's Day books.

All day yesterday our classroom smelled like chocolate; Shawn and our Sunflower class were baking brownies, the girls helped with all of the mixing and pouring, they even got the rest of that chocolate mix from the bowl. Mmmmm....Yummy! 
Language Arts class got the new students in it, we welcome new members this month and are happy to grow bigger and bigger as a school. This time we've planned on baking a marble cake as a gift for our students for Valentine's Day! It turned out just great, students even helped us with the long process of putting the chocolate and plain cake mix into the pan, great job, Guys! 45 minutes in the oven and our classroom is a chocolate factory again! Smells good, everybody said! Everybody got a piece of cake packed in a brown bag to take home! Still warm! Mommies who came to pick up their children were smelling that cake as well...everyone got the right Valentine's Day spirit!

As for today, all chocolates are gone, and we are back to work! See you at school!

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