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Hello, everyone! Last Friday was the first time in Little Minds history to cancel classes...At 2:46pm major earthquake hit Japan... Our preschool class was ready to go home at that time, we hid under the table with my girls, I have to give them a credit, they were very brave and didn't cry, and I must say it was shaking us terribly...Then it stopped for a little bit and mommies came to pick up their girls...all of us were scared but relieved that nobody was hurt...My daughter arrived from school, she was on the way when the earthquake hit...I was terribly worried about her, but she made it safe to Little Minds...Kumiko and my husband came and made sure that everything was alright at school...once again I was happy, that all of the furniture at Little Minds is fixed to the walls or floor and didn't move at all, only couple of books fell...that was all...my husband left to pick up our son from  day care,where Leo was all set and ready to leave...all of us gathered at Little Minds...there were no calls at all, all of the lines were dead...it was a miracle, that only one mother could call us...of course we canceled the afternoon classes...I will never forget this day...Around 4 o'clock in the afternoon we all were at home, safe...We couldn't use the phones, but I take my hat off for Internet and Skype working great...I could connect with my relatives in Russia, and friends from all over the world and tell them that I'm alright...

We don't know yet what's coming on Monday...There's this thing with the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima. It's really serious, and I'm sure all of the families prefer to stay together right now...We can still feel the aftershocks...sometimes they are pretty strong...I really hope, that everything will go back to normal soon...Well...Normal is probably not the best word right now, because it will take a long-long time to Japan to get over this unbelievable disaster...Many lives are lost....who knows how many more...many cities along the coast line are destroyed and wiped off...mess is everywhere...I really hope that all of your relatives and friends are fine and safe.

I just wanted to say, that we all are ok for now, my family and Shawn's family are all accounted for and safe. We don't know what will be next for Japan...Let's all follow the news and hope that we can all meet at school as usual soon.

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