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It's March and it's last Language Arts class

Hello, everyone! We all can not get over the last weekend's disaster...I spent all weekend with my family at home, watching news, of course, and getting ready for the worst, while hoping for the best.

My daughter's school opened it's doors for the students today as normal. It's important to keep it this way for children and people. It will keep all of us busy and out of panic.
Shawn couldn't make it today to Little Minds because of the trains being stopped, and I was teaching our Language Arts class with Kumiko helping me.
Only the half of the class showed up...I understand everybody's feelings and nervousness these days...
But we had a great class, we laughed and colored, did a very original language arts-phonics project and made a Sakura Tree craft.It symbolizes new beginning for me! Each year after loosing everything - all of the leaves- sakura tree is covered with the new blossom!
 It was wonderful to be able to be at school and have a class after that terrible earthquake, while all this pain is around here in Japan.
I personally just appreciated to be able to work and see my students' faces, appreciated our warm and comfortable classroom, all of the every day things we are so used to and can not imagine loosing them in just  seconds. 

How often we don't appreciate what we have? How often we get tired of routine? How much do we complain about the little meaningless things.....
Let's enjoy what we have!!!
Let's be grateful for each other and be there for each other
 Let's enjoy what we have now!

It will take a long-long time for Japan to recover. Please, let's not stay indifferent! Let's help! Help by sending money! Help by saving energy!  And let's be grateful for having happy families and safe homes! Let's appreciate our children's smiles and their warm hugs...

There are going to be more scheduled blackouts in Tokyo, we will keep you posted about the school's schedule. When power is on, it's on, my friends! I see you at school!

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