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My Joy!

Hello, everyone! One of the sleepless nights this week... I have many worries and concerns as anyone who lives in Japan right now... Recent events are taking toll on everyone here...News don't give any relief...very little hope for now...but nothing can be compared to the victims of tsunami despair...

This week I kept my son with me, he usually spends his day at the day care, while I'm working, but this week it didn't feel right to let him go anywhere...The series of aftershocks were bothering everyone so many times, we stopped counting...Frankly I caught myself feeling like it was an earthquake, when it wasn't...scary...So I felt safer to keep Leo in Little Minds, and he felt just happy to be with his mommy...He doesn't accept me as a teacher at all times, but is finally showing an interest in studying English! Yeah! ( my son speaks Japanese better then I do!)

We had a good week at Little Minds, I was pleasantly surprised, that many of the students came, while some of them left to the southern areas of Japan. We received many calls, mommies were asking whether we were open, and felt like bringing their children. The train schedule was all wrong this week, too crowded in the mornings and evenings, and almost empty day time, it , of course, effected Shawn's work schedule, and I taught afternoon classes mostly by myself, but I had much fun, and Kumiko was assisting me at all times.

My son brought lots of joy for me...I truly enjoyed his company and will keep him at Little Minds till spring vacation. Spring school starts next week, only 4 days of relaxed atmosphere with fun activities and lots of arts & crafts for your child. My daughter Maru will probably join preschool morning on Friday 25th and help me out as an assistant.  I really appreciate everyone who brought applications last week, and looking forward to seeing us. Thank you very much indeed.

I would like to share some of good and sad news. Starting with the sad one! Shawn will be leaving us this month. He has his personal reasons, and we all respect his decision. We stay friends and will keep in touch. It's been a 6 years journey of planning and creating Little Minds together, and I feel like we've done a good job. I will stay for sure and take care of our school. I wish my long time partner all of the best in anything he believes and does from now on. We have great memories together and they will last. Everyone will remember him at Little Minds as a great teacher and a cool and fun personality.

When one teacher is gone, the new one is needed. So I was really lucky to know just the right one for our morning classes! Her name is Sybrina, and she's from New York. She lives in Japan for 3 years already and has a great experience to perform her teaching skills at International Preschools in Gunma, Saitama and Tokyo. She's a very beautiful and cheerful personality, and I can not wait to work together.
I'm still looking for the afternoon classes teacher, I need a professional, who will care about what he does as much as I do. I'm sure I will find one, but till then you'll see me at school as usual! And...oh yes! There's one more good news! Remember Katsumi Suzuki! He's coming back to Little Minds this spring! I'm happy, because many of the students missed him and we had so many great moments together. He said, he really missed us as well. And wants to continue working at Little Minds. He will be our assistant starting from Spring school next week.

I have a feeling of mixed emotions this month...So many things happened...So many bad things in their global meaning...But I'm an optimist. So I'm with the good things to be and to come: I have my family with me, everyone is accounted for after the biggest quake in history of Japan, I have you guys who trust me and enjoys my classes. I've got all of the joy I need! I see you at school!

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