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Preschool Graduation 2011

Hello, everyone! Today was the last day of this school year, and Little Minds had a graduation ceremony. Small and short, but warm and touching for all of us.
Not only the preschoolers were leaving their morning class, but also it was the last day for Shawn to work at Little Minds.
Shawn gave a very emotional and important speech about his experience with Little Minds, about people he met, spending time with us, and priceless things he learned from his students. Everybody is facing difficult times right now, so we all had tears in our eyes. We wish Shawn to reach everything he dreams about for himself and his family. We had great times together, memories will remain with us. I'm feeling grateful for every day we worked together. And my priority is to keep Little Minds growing and developing in many ways. We care for what we do, and it always will stay this way.
We wish our preschoolers to enjoy their kindergarten experience, to grow and take the best of every day! We all are going to see each other in different programs, in the afternoon classes. I will miss our preschool times, our long sometimes relaxed and sometimes very busy mornings, our nature walks and outdoor play, your amazing crafting abilities and the funniest questions. Every little moment is so precious to every teacher at Little Minds.I will miss you all so much.
I thank Kaori for visiting our ceremony. She's been so great at Little Minds, and many parents got an opportunity to thank her personally today.

All of the preschoolers received their yearbooks and diplomas. This year I got a big help with creating our yearbooks, after having all of the pages and the cover designed by Little Minds, we turned to professionals to have our albums printed. They turned out to be so pretty and glossy! I'm so happy with the result, I hope everybody is as pleased as I am.
And yes! Not everybody left preschool today, we have students staying, and many more signing up. I feel more strength in me as a teacher, more responsibility and power, more and more love for our school, and appreciation for every student and his or her family choosing us to provide an education.
I wish us all to overcome the worst times here in Japan, to be able to forget about the nuclear threat as soon as it possible, to be able to feel safe and truly happy again to live in this one of the most beautiful countries in the world, to be able to play outside without any worries and water play in summer...

I thank everybody for your time today, for your smiles and tears, words of appreciation and conversation. Thank you for your support. It is so important for me right now. After one week vacation, I'm looking forward to meeting all of my students in April. See you at school!


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