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April Flowers!

Hello everyone! These couple of weeks were warm and calm at Little Minds, we've been organizing everything, renewing things, doing maintainance on our computers and, of course, were having classes.
Our schedule changed a little bit, Preschool class lasts 4 and a half hours from 10:00 till 2:30, it includes Academy class from 13:30 till 14:30. Afternoon classes start at 15:30 as before.
Currently I'm teaching all of the classes and my assistant Katsumi is helping me a lot. Preschool classes take place 3 times a week for now, I'm still waiting for the answer from our new Preschool teacher, who is right now abroad and waiting for the better news from Japan about the nuclear crisis. I'm looking for the afternoon classes teacher as well. I need a professional, who will be working with dedication, will be energetic at all times, will be able to bring a lot to the curriculum, will always keep a good mood in the class and will always perform interesting and informative lessons. I care about our students, and do not want to hire someone, who will promiss to stay and then will be suddenly gone.I want our students to feel secure and taken care of, I'd like our new teacher to make a connection with every student, and will try my best to provide any help and resources to the new member of our team.
This month we are reviewing introductions, talking about ourselves and favorite things. We also talk about how similar and different we are, about body parts we all have and about the various features of the apearance or character.
We are still celebrating Spring, going for beautiful nature walks and watching flowers blossoming. In our classroom study and fun do always co-exist, and we keep on enjoying every day.
Last and this week really strong aftershocks were bothering Kanto area of Japan, we've been keeping eye on the Geiger counter data and news as well. We took a very hard decision, and our Easter outdoor event is officially cancelled. We have to be careful, because we are taking care of really young students, and their safety is our priority. Untill the aftershocks won't stop and the Daiichi nuclear plant won't be under 100% control, we susspend our big outdoor events. We are looking forward to the safe environment next year, so we will be able to come back and hunt all of the eggs at Kinuta Park.

I felt really sad myself about our Easter event being cancelled, but then I received a parcel from America from our dear friends with Easter gifts for my children and even some of the students. It was a second big surprise for me this month! I thank Miranda and her mommy once again for being so caring and nice to us. We loved everything, Leo can not take his hands of those Easter chocolate eggs:))) He remembers the word "egg" now for sure! Thank you very much! Happy Easter to you, too, our dear friends! We miss you very much!

I feel good about all of the changes coming to Little Minds...If not for all of this devastation with the quake, I would be just the most satisfied teacher in Tokyo, belive me. Because close to all of my students continue their classes;- we had only couple of students leaving because of their schedules changing, or because of family moving to the different part of Japan. We also managed to sign up new students during these two weeks.And we have so much fun studying together. I believe in good!Let's all try our best! I see you at school!

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