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Hello, everyone! We are back from our Golden Week break, refreshed and happy! I got to spend lots of time outdoors with my children, and this was much fun. We went to Inokashira Park twice and explored Kichijoji area. My children went to see pandas in Ueno Zoo. We also visited our favorite hot springs in Yamanashi prefecture. We didn't really feel like going anywhere too far this time, and daddy was working all week. But staying local was kind of fun, I enjoyed being at home, doing my spring cleaning, and just enjoying my children's company.
Daddy made time, too, and gave a bike ride to Maru and Leo. They were thrilled as always! More-more, they have shouted! Thanks, Dad!


Back to Little Minds! And back to our studies! This month we will review all we know about actions, we will also learn lots of new vocabulary and get ourselves involved in lots of activities practicing and building our conversation skills. Our preschoolers and Academy students are playing a fun game where they have to act  and make everybody guess the certain action they do. It's really amazing how children sometimes find the way to express themselves, isn't it! Children get so excited, they even do not notice, how English comes out , they all scream: She's cutting with scissors!-or He's walking his dog! They all laugh together and take turns by themselves without their teacher being involved in the process. I only have to correct their mistakes sometimes, that's it!

Preschool started this week with beautiful paintings of May flowers and cute animals. We've been painting all morning since it was raining outside , and we couldn't go anywhere. I saw my girls being more concentrated then ever, we've listened to wonderful music and created-created-created! What else is needed on a rainy day!

I find myself enjoying every day at Little Minds and performing lots of trial lessons recently! I'd like to thank everybody for being interested in our school, and coming to see us! Let's experience studying English together!

I will be back soon with more pictures and comments! Enjoy this last month of spring! I see you at school!

P.S.: I forgot to tell you, that before the holidays we've got to see the last cherry blossoms at Baji park-Oh! How beautiful they were!


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