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If you're happy and you know it....you must be at Little Minds:)

Hello, everyone! One more week of May came by...The weather was worse then ever, I must say; we were not able to take a nature walk or visit our favorite spots around Setagaya area. We stayed inside and practiced our new vocabulary.
Actions theme became one of the most favorite themes among our students: I see every day how enthusiastic everyone is to get involved in activities I've planned and to memorize a large amount of new words and expressions.
Just right on time, before we've started our new theme this month, Little Minds has received a huge set of new materials. Most of them are the most beautiful flash cards I've ever seen: there are lots of new things to learn. And we have no time to waste, we learn and drill, review and use our new vocabulary again and again.

We learn about pronouns and verbs, we are making sentences using Present Simple / Present Continuous and describing pictures. Little one were asked to talk about anything they could see in those pictures; our advanced class students were given a task to make 10 sentences each about any action they could see in the pictures.
My assistant Katsumi was busy all week making new sets of very colorful and fun pictures for this great activity. He's busy right now with couple more projects for the next couple of months of our curriculum. I really appreciate his efforts. We work side-by-side every day now, and all of us including students feel comfortable. 100% working environment full of ideas and new projects, my team is always in a great mood, happy and prepared for any challenge.
Spring season is almost over; we are looking forward to summer. Monday Language arts class and Saturday Campus made a cute Umbrella clay mosaic for the beginning of rainy season.
I personally am looking forward to all of the Setagaya hydrangeas blossoming in June. Next month is also special, - 4 years since we've opened. We thank all for believing in us all this time. We are always there for your child. See you at school.
P.S.: Our little preschoolers are working with scissors, they have just started, but look .....how much fun it is for them...
This beautiful craft was created by a 2 year old. Take a look, what a five year old is able to cut out and assemble:

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