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Starry Night and all about Space at Little Minds

Hello everyone! According to our curriculum, this month we are learning about Space and talking a lot about the sky and the objects in it. Today preschoolers were busy creating their version of Starry Night, putting lots and lots of stars on their sheets of black paper. I think nobody could ever see that many beautiful constellations at the same time. Great job, guys!
We also didn't forget to review our ABCs and practice our writing skills.
Language Arts class was on a big mission today. And the mission was to create our own classroom Solar System! It sounds really big and difficult, doesn't it?  but our students like tasks like that. We wrote the names of the planets on pieces of paper and let each student draw one to define, what planet he or she was about to create. We love using styrofoam balls when we can, they have been a great help to us during X-mas and the other events, so we decided to use them again as the base.
What a great fun it was! The other great supply was the thinnest paper one of our students' mother gave us as a gift, the colors are beautiful and it's texture is so soft and kind of blur, it gave our "planets" a really nice look. We chose colors all together looking at the pictures of the planets.

Some of the students got so involved, that they wanted to create more and more, one of the students got to create Saturn, L. is only five, but he didn't give up and almost didn't want any help, the only thing I did was cutting out the ring and fixing it together with the planet. All of the art work L. did himself! What a great result! I'm proud of all of my students today and always!
This month will bring more fun, I promise you! Preschool class will be visiting Planetarium on July 25th. The lucky ones who join Summer School fun that day will be able to come with us. Summer School Starts on July 19th, we are ready to entertain you as we do every year. Morning classes started Kids Yoga! Teachers do it, too, and I must say, we are getting better day after day.
This time during 5 weeks of Summer school,  we have many things to create, and one special project, which I will be posting about soon. I'm very excited, so is my team! Let's make this summer memorable! See you at school!


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