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Summer School Goals

Hello, everyone! During the first week of Summer School we set our goals. We do always have fun and enjoy being with old friends and finding new ones. We create, learn and play. This year is no exception with all that, but there's one more thing we wanted to do to make a difference. Little Minds Team was thinking, how all of our students and us could be a part of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Operation. To tell the truth, we didn't want to just collect money, we wanted everybody to feel a part of this mission. So we decided to CREATE! We've odered lots and lots of different sizes pins and E-beads, all of these with a little effort make beautiful Japan flag backpack pins , they are good for boys and girls and even adults to wear.
We ask our students to make as many as they like. One pin they can have, and the rest will stay at Little Minds. After all of the pins will be made, we plan to sell most of them during our Boroichi Festival, - all of the money made from selling these pins will be donated to people who lost their everything during Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. All of our students feel like helping, all of them are willing to be a part of this project. Even the little ones. Teachers are being there at all times to help and provide safety. We will post more information about this project, terms and prices later this month.

Summer School has started, and it is great to know that all of our students have so many plans for this summer vacation. Some of them are planning to go abroad, many will visit grandparents and travel to different parts of Japan, lots of students will stay local and come to Little Minds to have fun and keep on studying. 



This week has started with lots of games  and yummy snacks. All of our members' parents and non-members can observe the Summer School Weekly Schedule outside of school, and choose the days they like their children to attend. Many reservations are made already, so, please, do not wait for too long with calling us and applying. We are looking forward to meeting more and more friends every week.

My children won't miss this Summer School either, my daughter Maru has already started helping me, she is being pretty good with board games, and little ones love her as a  leader during these activities. She's also feeling more and more confident at reading English books, and she helps a lot with Preschool Story Time and Picture Book Time. My son Leo looks very interested in English now, so he joins us for Preschool classes and our Preschool Planetarium Field Trip. I feel very excited about this summer! See you at school!

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