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Summer School - Last week
Hello everyone! Here we are, this Summer School came to it's end, all of the games are played so many times, all of the summer snacks are gone, we managed to finally do our water play! It wasn't very easy this season, because the weather was really changeable and many rainy days bothered with our plans. But it was really fun to spend five weeks with our dear students. I thank everyone who joined this event.
Please, look at the pictures and see what we did during this last week. Finger print art was a highlight! Everyone took time and created something original! I am still impressed by my students' amazing skills! Even us, teachers, couldn't keep ourselves from starting finger-printing ourselves. It was fun!
And YES! We did our water play! Children were happy to get into little pool in front of the school and do the counting race with the super balls and funny fish, just splash a little and laugh...a lot!
 Yoga became one of our main weekly routines, and we will be continuing doing it, because it is just great for the growing bodies and minds, it is strengthening and relaxing at the same time. This yoga course made especially for children, and all of the instructions are in fun and simple English, easy to understand even for our smallest preschoolers.

Thursday Cram School was learning about word families, they created word families with the same endings, and did really good. More advanced students were learning about the difference between bl- and br- blends...I think, they did just great!

  On Friday we had a fun-fun preschool lesson and guests visiting again, we made accessories, played a lot, pulled out our Puppet Theater, paper crafted....we were very happy being busy! It was a wonderful morning with lots of chat and laughs!

Remember, last Friday's afternoon was so very rainy and even stormy, but many of our students still made it to their classes, we played one of their favorite games: Draw and Guess! We used summer things images from our bingo game, students took turns in drawing their images on the board and let the others guessing what that was. Our classes were very exciting!!! Everyone wanted to win, and also wanted to try themselves as an artist. Good Job, guys!

Advanced class was taking another round with Scrabble game, this time me and my team lost to Katsumi's team...Oh, no! But we will come back next time much stronger for sure! Yes we will!


Now about the new term and changes it is about to bring into Little Minds life. We are very happy to let you know, that one more teacher will be joining Little Minds Family starting September. Her name is Jocelyn, she is 26, a very energetic, enthusiastic, warm and friendly lady from Cape Town, South Africa. She is a native speaker and worked for 2 years for one of the largest teachers exchange program in Japan. Her whole life is connected with children, she loves to be around them, creates plans and materials for each special lesson she gives. I'm really excited to work with her, and for our students to meet her. We see you all at school!

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