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May I have 3 bananas, please!
Hello, everyone! It looks like summer doesn't want to leave Tokyo: over 30 degrees every day, hot and humid! I love autumn in Japan, because it lasts...nice warm days stay till late November...I'm looking forward to everything what this autumn brings.
Last week at Little Minds we all went shopping, Joss and I organized one " Crazy Little Minds Store", why "crazy"? - you might ask...because it was so many bloopers, funny moments and laughs...we stopped counting. Children and us had so many things to laugh about, but this also made everyone relaxed and speaking...English, of course. I always say...you can not call yourself a teacher, if you don't enjoy what you do.
For our store theme Joss created a very nice "Shopping List" template, all of the classes drew the things they wanted to buy first, and I give a credit to Katsumi, who worked as a factory and created the things (we didn't have at the store yet) right there from our art materials, so you could basically find anything you wanted to buy!
Our dialog was very simple, students had to accomplish their mission buying everything, what was in their shopping lists. They had to enter the store, greet us and ask for things politely: May I have...., please! ..How much is it? Thank you! We used play money for paying. Our student also had to count their money in English. The store was such a success, so students wanted to work there as well, so we switched and let them sell us some food. Everyone was so excited, and definitely had much fun. We have received lots of requests to repeat this activity again next week. We will see, of course, but many more things are planned already, and we always think about our students enjoying the process of learning...

And how could I forget and not mention our younger students beautiful collages of the things they want to buy! Take a look!
Some of our trial lessons were very satisfying, new students have joined Little Mind Family, we welcome them all!

Now this week, everyone got many holidays to enjoy! The weather is still great! Have a nice long weekend, Everyone! See you at school!

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