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Expensive or cheap? What do you think?

Hello, everyone! Last week went so quick, it's all because of national holidays falling on Monday and Friday. We also have experienced one of the strongest thypoons ever on Wednesday, and only a few afternoon classes students have made it. We appreciate everyone who came no matter what.
As you remember, we study anything about shopping this month, and last weeks main topic to discuss was what things do we consider to be expensive or cheap. Joss has created a very nice and colorful template, we all cut out lots and lots of pictures out of catalogs and magazines and let out students create their projects. Each of them had to present their work in the end. We all had a great time, practiced new vocabulary and discussed the differences in our collages. Someone thought that green beans were cheap, but for someone they were expensive. Everyone put cameras and TVs in expensive column, but snacks with the cheap things. We have found the way children think about the value of things they or their parents buy very interesting. Good Job, Everybody!
Preschool class was researching about what we need to make pancakes...We actually made pancakes with our Wednesday class, and successfully tested them with condensed milk, strawberry jam and honey...Pancakes were the big hit and received the best compliments from our 2, 3, 4 and 5-year-olds! Now they know how to make them!
We spent some time with our workbooks last week, not all of the students had enough time to finish their tasks, so we will be continuing working on our reading comprehension and writing.
Here it comes, the last week of September, and then you know what will happen! The month of October with it's Halloween Theme!
I see you all at school!

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