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One Happy Halloween Night to Remember!

Hello, everyone! It's been a while since my last post, I had to deal with more then Halloween this month. Unfortunately it involved staying in hospital for a week with my younger child, who started having asthma like symptoms earlier this month and finally got hospitalized. He's feeling much better right now, and we will be taking care from now on. I appreciate Joss, Kumiko and Katsumi taking care of Little Minds and Halloween preparations while I was away, they did a great job, and our Halloween event was a blast this year. I'd like to thank all of the people, who wated two years and came to the Parade ( last year it was canceled due to really bad weather). I am really happy that our Trick-or-Treat gathers more and more people year after year. We had the biggest number of children attending this year, and it was the first time, that we had to say no to some of those who wanted to join. We feel sorry and apologize, but, please, make you reservations earlier next time, we order and count our Halloween candy before the event, and we work in a joint with the kind and very helpful Boroichi community people, we need to know numbers at least a week before the Parade. We are looking forward to seeing everybody again next time! And thanks to all one more time!
I need to thank some of our parents who was willing to help and came all dressed up very cool and even helped us giving away candy, so did my really close and very good friends! Thank you guys indeed! It is an every single year request from our students, that is why we especially invite our friendly vampire family! Dracula and his wife did it again, and their baby boy is already big enough to give that candy away himself! Great show guys! I need to thank our security people, who provided a safe environment and made our Parade go so smooth. I thank my team, who I can always count on: Kumiko, who knows the best places to find the yummiest and greatest Halloween treats, Joss, who has a real Halloween spirit and decorated our classroom perfectly! I can not count how many people were asking us to go inside and take some pictures!

 Our students did a lot this year painting our ghosts city and giving a nice feel to the whole theme! Thank to you guys as well! I thank Katsumi, who's Mario character was a HIT this time, I bet children will never forget his cheerful personality and the way he has brought down our pinata with just one hit! Joss, Kumiko and I will never forget Casper Cha-Cha, which Mario took the the other level, making people laugh non-stop! I thank all of the children and adults, who put a lot of effort into their costumes this year! You all looked amazing! I thank Platino cake shop next-door for the yummy cookies they baked especially for this event! I couln't thank everyone enough!
I will leave you all with the pictures of our two Halloween Parties and Trick-or-Treat Parade! Please, enjoy! And we see you next year! Happy Halloween, Everyone! I think all of the goodies will last till Christmas! See you all at school!




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