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All about animals!!!

Hello, everyone! It's amazing how more then two weeks of November flew by so quick. We at Little Minds got back to studies this month, reviewing the basics with every class. The theme of this month is Animals. Along with drilling the flashcards with more then 200 animals names, we categorize! Our students have to decide and tell in English where they think different animals live and what they eat. It seems to be so easy at first sight, but even us teachers had to turn to the dictionaries couple of times to find out about rare kinds of animals. Our students have also learned the names of animal babies. With advanced class the hit is a guessing game, where our students have to take a hint from a jar, read it for everyone, the others have to listen very carefully and guess the animal from a description. This game is so much fun for those who wants and tries to read in English, everyone gets very excited, especially the hints sometimes are so similar for two or more animals...the ones who guess right win the marbles, and the one who got the most of marbles wins! It is a real battle!

In our preschool class we pay a lot of attention to lots of things, but this month was about counting, matching numbers and objects, recognizing number words, coloring by numbers and doing simple addition. We also have created animal crafts with the little ones, what was lots of fun as usual.
The other thing we enjoy in Preschool is interesting educational games, just recently we got couple of the new ones, some of them develop fine motor skills, balancing skills and hand-and-eye coordination, some of them teach your child following the patterns, coordinate the colors and develop imagination.
One of the last week favorites was our Animal Safari board game, children were playing in teams, learning once again animal names and adding small numbers. The winner of the game was the one who collected the most number of animals during the game. We all played together and all got fully involved, I think, teachers were as excited to win as students.
We still got lots of things planned, I will keep you informed. Meanwhile Little Minds is getting ready for couple of very important December events: Boroichi Festival and Winter School. Please, do not forget to come and visit us! And make your reservations early to be a part of our Winter school Program. See you at school!

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