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Got Your Christmas Spirit?
Hello everyone! Our busy-busy preschoolers put lots and lots of effort in decorating their Christmas tree, and I must tell that our classroom has changed instantly with its presence. Colorful ornaments and sparkly decorations, shiny lights and handmade candy canes; there are so many things to put on the tree.
This month we talk about winter season and joy it brings to all of the families and friends, we learn about different traditions around the world, and how they celebrate Christmas or the end of the year in many different countries. It is a big surprise for many of the students to find out that Santa Claus has lots of names, wears different clothes and even has a grandchild helping him sometimes. No matter how different other countries traditions are, the main idea of Christmas all over the world is to spread joy and kindness, to make children and people smile and appreciate their time together. We hope you are having a nice time preparing for holidays, shopping for gifts and decorating your home.
This time of the year in Setagaya means Boroichi Festival, this year Little Minds has a message for all of the people visiting this big event. Our students and teachers spent lots of time handcrafting and creating things which symbolize our sympathy and support for the victims of this year's Tohoku disaster. Our shop will offer backpack pins and straps we made, and even some of our students and their parents, who moved abroad took part in this action.

We appreciate everybody's help, and all of the money we'll receive from selling these handmade things will be donated to Tohoku victims. We thank all who have been supportive in this action and helped in any way. Please, visit us during Boroichi Festival in December and January ( 15th and 16th), we'll be happy to see all of you guys!
Winter School opens its doors next week on Monday, December 12th, Joss and I were getting some cute things to create with these days, there will be many things to craft with, many songs and carols to sing, and a Preschool Party to attend on Saturday!
Please, take care, because the weather is getting colder and colder day after day. We see you at school!

P.S.: While we listen to the songs about "White Christmas", our Christmas here in Tokyo looks like this!!!

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