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Santa did his job, now the New Year is on its way!
Hello, everyone! The month of December went by really-really fast, and I thought, I just had to share some impressions of this season with all of you! I appreciate all of the students and friends who have joined us during our Winter school event, we sure were very-very busy, and have made some cute and useful things to decorate, or to wear. I appreciate all of the people who have bought our handmade backpack pins and phone straps during Boroichi Festival! Thank you very much!
Now that I am at home getting busy cleaning my house before New Year's, and filling up my fridge with osechi, I will leave you guys with all of the pictures to enjoy. Do not get upset if you didn't make it to Winter School this year, there's always a next time!
I would like to thank all of the families, members of our big Little Minds Family for trusting us and staying with us this year. It has been an extremely hard year for all of us in Japan, let us be happy that we get to celebrate this New 2012 Year arriving together with our loved ones, with yummy food and under our own roofs. Let us hope for the best in 2012. Have a Happy New Year, Everyone!

P.S. Do not forget to share with your teachers, what exactly you got from Santa, and whether he liked our cookies or not...See you back at school starting on January 10th....until then...have a great Winter Vacation!!!!

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