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Love reading? Welcome aboard!
Hello everyone! It is the end of January, and I feel like I didn't post for a while. This New Year of 2012 sure started with lots of snow and cold weather, our Boroichi festival made us work the first week with no holidays, but it was worth it, because we have met lots of old and new friends. Lots of things have been sold, and especially our backpack pins and angel straps. We got some left over, so we are still selling them at school.
This month theme was designed to get everyone back from winter vacation in our learning environment, to review everything what could be forgotten during our long relaxing vacation. I must say, that no one was dissapointed; our students came back refreshed and ready to work.
 This month was about phonics and word building! Older students even did their sentence and question building! We made crosswords! We recycled and created, read and rhymed, worked with our work books and English magazines.
our students have also competed against each other in teams, which was a highlight of the month, and everyone felt so smart and cool.

I must mention the new materials our teacher Joss has brought from South Africa! New games and workbooks full of word building ideas and worksheets for our Cram School and Language Arts Classes. Thank you, Joss, indeed! This is what I call a true professional, who even on vacation thinks about her students and curriculum! I am very-very grateful!And all of our students are!

As always, I will leave you with the pictures to enjoy! I hope that some of the ideas can be an inspiration for the teachers who love and enjoy teaching, who look for new or long forgotten, but useful, ideas to use in their class. See you all at school!

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