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Be My Valentine!
Hello everyone! This week was all about chocolate and chocolate smell in our classroom! I think we could compete with the cake shop next door, that's for sure! Please, check out all of the pretty chocolate wrapping ideas we have used for Valentine's Day this time.

Our tip for the yummiest chocolates ever!
Black chocolate 200gr
Brown sugar 2 table spoons
Butter 20 gr
Warm water 3 table spoons
put everything in a bowl, hit over a pot with boiling water, make sure your bowl doesn't touch the surface of the water, or your chocolate will create lumps in it, which are not pretty...you want your chocolate to be smooth:) mix with a wooden spatula untill your chocolate is really smooth and shiny( make sure the heat is small at all times). After your chocolate mix is ready, turn off your heat and divide your mixture between cute shaped cups, let it cool in the fridge for an hour or so. Before cooling you can add dried fruits and marshmellows to your chocolate, nuts as well. Use your imagination:). Enjoy your chocolates with a hot drink!

We keep on studying weather, calendar and clothes this month, reviewing as well. Take and look and you'll see for yourself. Come visit us anytime, see you at school!

P.S. : Teachers are working hard on organizing Preschool Year Book pages, I think, it is something to look forward to:)

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