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"Good Bye, Winter!" and "Hello, Hina Dolls!"
Hello, everyone! How do you find this weather recently? Last week we had a perfect chance to review our weather vocabulary! Rain, shine, snow and wind, we have experienced all! Winter is fighting with Spring, and we are so happy, that Winter is going to loose again, aren't we... Everybody is looking forward to warmer days and spring time activities.

Last week we did a big review, our students love these activities, because during the review week they get to use the whole classroom, they don't have to be sitting at the tables at all times, we let them compete, challenge each other, race and guess. I must say, that I was impressed more then disappointed, and the highlight of last week was our Thursday Immersion 1 class, where all eight students showed great skills, answered all of my questions, and even were surprised themselves how well they did. I felt so proud of them!

I felt happy, because I finally have finished our " Let us talk about today" felt board, there were so many pieces to put together, but it was truly worth it, because our students got really inspired to talk more, and were taking turnes to assemble the pieces again and again.
The month of March means the celebration of Girls Day in the beginning of it, our teacher Joss has brought a very cute idea of Hina doll craft, Preschool and Campus classes were happy to create their dolls.
There are many pictures of our last week experiences, I didn't mention our big Telling Time review, and what fun activities we have organized for all. Advanced classes were challenged by the mixed up sentences to assemble and difficult time matching activities.
It was a busy-busy week, as planned. See you all at school!

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