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We' ve been around the world!
Hello, everyone! The month of June flew by really quick! Real hot-hot summer is just around the corner; we have enjoyed beautiful days fortunately with not too much rain during this year rainy season. Amazing hydrangeas started blooming all around Setagaya; we've been enjoying looking at them, taking pictures and creating our own images of them out of paper. There were other crafts, but also cool language arts projects about countries of the world, the world map, famous sights; we have been reviewing phonics, playing word building games, categorizing countries by continents and many other things... Take a look at our students while studying. This month at Little Minds was busy but fun for sure! Good Job, everybody!
June 2012 LM 001 June 2012 LM 007 June 2012 LM 011
June 2012 LM 020 June 2012 LM 028 June 2012 LM 050
June 2012 LM 053 June 2012 LM 066 
June 2012 LM 067
June 2012 LM 071 June 2012 LM 136 June 2012 LM 139
June 2012 LM 163 June 2012 LM 166 June 2012 LM 172
June 2012 LM 177 June 2012 LM 209 June 2012 LM 216

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