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I wish....
Hello. everyone! Last week was a Tanabata week; all of the students were writing their wishes and making decorations. Our tree turned out to be sooo pretty, that many people were stopping by and taking time reading the wishes and taking pictures with the bamboo tree. Good Job, Guys!
Tanabata Sports July 2012 001 Tanabata Sports July 2012 008 
Tanabata Sports July 2012 042 Tanabata Sports July 2012 043 Tanabata Sports July 2012 045 Tanabata Sports July 2012 046
Tanabata Sports July 2012 047 Tanabata Sports July 2012 029 Tanabata Sports July 2012 048 Tanabata Sports July 2012 049 Tanabata Sports July 2012 030
We also have started our Sports and Outdoor activities theme last week: we have been talking about favorite sports, played bingo, asked each other about what kind of equipment different sports need. This week we are doing language arts about sports, there are many activities prepared!
Tanabata Sports July 2012 034 Tanabata Sports July 2012 037 Tanabata Sports July 2012 040
This month of July will be one of the busiest for Little Minds and its students. We start our
Summer School, and already now our end of July and August schedules seem to be almost full!
Tanabata Sports July 2012 009 Tanabata Sports July 2012 010 Tanabata Sports July 2012 011
On 28th on July ( Saturday ) we will take a trip to Hakkejima Sea Paradise, it has been a while for us to go anywhere by bus, last year tragic events in Japan had a big influence, of course...But this summer we feel safe and ready to take our students on a field trip again! It will be fun! Join now, seats are limited!!!

On July 20th elementary school students will have an opportunity to have a
Slumber party at Little Minds! We will play games, make things, have pizza delivered, watch funny movies, just have a good time together. So, if you join, take your sleeping bag, toothbrush and PJ's with you! We are looking forward to slumber partying with you!
Summer school is just behind the corner! 
Summer Campaign is such a great deal, that our Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule is almost full! Do not wait till the end of month, sign up now, or it will be too late. See you at school!

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