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Summer School 2012 is starting today!
Hello, everyone! I must say I am very excited, because this year Summer School is promising to be the most crowded in Little Minds history! I can not wait to meet all of the friends and do all of the things we have planned this summer season.
Over the last two weeks our students were studying really hard and have learned lots of new vocabulary about sports; we were matching sports equipment, asking each other questions, making dialogs. It all went great! Good Job, everyone!
July 2012, LM 008 July 2012, LM 001 July 2012, LM 006 July 2012, LM 023 July 2012, LM 024
July 2012, LM 030 July 2012, LM 031 July 2012, LM 033 July 2012, LM 034 July 2012, LM 036
July 2012, LM 038
Do not forget that this week Saturday we still are planning on going to Hakkejima Sea Paradise, are you going with us?
Let's have a great summer vacation to remember together! Keep cool and stay safe!
See you at school!

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