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A Very Happy End of Summer School 2012
Hello, everyone! I hope you all are having lots and lots of fun spending your last days of summer vacation going places and meeting people. We at Little Minds have officially closed our Summer School yesterday! Yes, it is over for this summer, and YES! it was the most busiest summer EVER! Joss and I are very happy about it, of course. We've got to see all of the happy faces, we have used tons of imagination, experienced so many fun and funny situations, danced and stretched, ate up all of the yummy snacks..and received so many smiles and hugs from our students....we feel so rewarded this summer! Thank you all indeed!
If for some reason you did not make it to Little Minds this summer, please, take a look at our pictures, and we will be waiting for you to join our next event! See you all at school in September!
IMG_1745 IMG_1684
IMG_1686 IMG_1687
IMG_1689 IMG_1691
IMG_1695 IMG_1696
IMG_1697 IMG_1700
IMG_1702 IMG_1703
IMG_1704 IMG_1707
IMG_1708 IMG_1710
IMG_1711 IMG_1712
IMG_1713 IMG_1714
IMG_1718 IMG_1722
IMG_1725 IMG_1726
IMG_1728 IMG_1734
IMG_1739 IMG_1740
IMG_1741 IMG_1744

IMG_1746 IMG_1747
IMG_1748 IMG_1750
IMG_1751 IMG_1753
IMG_1754 IMG_1755
IMG_1757 IMG_1759
IMG_1760 IMG_1761
IMG_1762 IMG_1766
IMG_1768 IMG_1769
IMG_1770 IMG_1772
IMG_1773 IMG_1774
IMG_1775 IMG_1778
IMG_1779 IMG_1781
IMG_1782 IMG_1783
IMG_1786 IMG_1791
IMG_1794 IMG_1795
IMG_1796 IMG_1797
IMG_1802 IMG_1803
IMG_1805 IMG_1807
IMG_1808 IMG_1809
IMG_1811 IMG_1813
IMG_1814 IMG_1815
IMG_1816 IMG_1817
IMG_1820 IMG_1823
IMG_1824 IMG_1825
IMG_1826 IMG_1828
IMG_1829 IMG_1830IMG_1831
IMG_1832 IMG_1833
IMG_1834 IMG_1839
IMG_1841 IMG_1842
IMG_1843 IMG_1844
IMG_1845 IMG_1846
IMG_1850 IMG_1851
IMG_1852 IMG_1853
IMG_1854 IMG_1855
IMG_1856 IMG_1858
IMG_1859 IMG_1860
IMG_1861 IMG_1862
IMG_1863 IMG_1864
IMG_1865 IMG_1867
IMG_1868 IMG_1869
IMG_1870 IMG_1871
IMG_1873 IMG_1874
IMG_1875 IMG_1876
IMG_1877 IMG_1878
IMG_1879 IMG_1880
IMG_1881 IMG_1882
IMG_1883 IMG_1884
IMG_1887 IMG_1888
IMG_1889 IMG_1890
IMG_1891 IMG_1892
IMG_1893 IMG_1894IMG_1895 IMG_1924
IMG_2021 IMG_1925
IMG_1926 IMG_1927
IMG_1928 IMG_1929
IMG_1930 IMG_1931
IMG_1932 IMG_1933
IMG_1934 IMG_1935
IMG_1936 IMG_1937
IMG_1938 IMG_1939
IMG_1940 IMG_1941
IMG_1943 IMG_1944
IMG_1945 IMG_1946
IMG_1947 IMG_1948
IMG_1949 IMG_1950
IMG_1951 IMG_1952
IMG_1953 IMG_1954
IMG_1955 IMG_1956
IMG_1957 IMG_1958
IMG_1959 IMG_1960
IMG_1961 IMG_1962
IMG_1963 IMG_1964
IMG_1965 IMG_1966
IMG_1967 IMG_1968
IMG_1969 IMG_1970
IMG_1971 IMG_1972
IMG_1973 IMG_1974
IMG_1975 IMG_1976
IMG_1977 IMG_1978
IMG_1979 IMG_1980
IMG_1981 IMG_1982
IMG_1983 IMG_1984
IMG_1985 IMG_1986
IMG_1987 IMG_1989
IMG_1990 IMG_1991
IMG_1992 IMG_1993
IMG_1994 IMG_1995
IMG_1996 IMG_1997
IMG_1999 IMG_2001
IMG_2002 IMG_2003
IMG_2004 IMG_2005
IMG_2006 IMG_2007
IMG_2008 IMG_2009IMG_2010 IMG_2011IMG_2012 IMG_2014
IMG_2015 IMG_2016
IMG_2017 IMG_2018
IMG_2019 IMG_2020

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