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Are you ready for Halloween?
Hello, everyone! Yes, it has been a while, and I thank Joss for posting lots of Little Minds images and her outstanding ideas on her blog to keep you updated. We are getting ready for our main Autumn event, lots and lots of friends are applying for our Trick-or-Treat Parade! If you plan to come and join, make sure to let us know by Thursday 25th of October.
IMG_0380 IMG_0363
IMG_0366 IMG_0374
IMG_0360 IMG_0735
IMG_0738 IMG_0741
IMG_0284 IMG_0294
IMG_0308 IMG_0309
IMG_0310 IMG_0314
IMG_0318 IMG_0354
This month of October is full of fun things at Little Minds, we craft and craft, play silly games and learn about Halloween Monsters and their habbits. One of the new things we have organized for our students was a first Halloween Slumber party ever! I must say it had a great success, all of the students and teachers in spite of lack of sleep had a wonderful time, tummies full of pizza, plenty of pillow fights and scary movies and spooky looking jewelry making! Let's do that again! (this is what our students were saying:))
IMG_0800 IMG_0801
IMG_0745 IMG_0746
IMG_0748 IMG_0749
IMG_0755 IMG_0759IMG_0761 IMG_0763
IMG_0764 IMG_0773
IMG_0779 IMG_0781
IMG_0861 IMG_0808
IMG_0810 IMG_0812
IMG_0814 IMG_0819
IMG_0820 IMG_0829
IMG_0840 IMG_0844
IMG_0853 IMG_0854
Our classroom little by little turns into a spooky forest, we are putting our decorations out. Give us couple of more days, and you won't recognize Little Minds. Halloween is a special time of the year, let our fears go away, let's laugh at them and enjoy sweet treats with friends. Please, wear your best spooky outfits this Saturday! We are looking forward to seeing all of you! Let's have a truly HAPPY HALLOWEEN at Little Minds! See you all at school!

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