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Favorite Season of All...
Hello, everyone, and my apologies for not posting for a long time. Many things have happened; Little Minds Family keeps it busy all the time.

It is amazing how quick December arrived, and it is time to wrap Christmas presents and write our letters to Santa. We do talk a lot about Christmas traditions all over the world, we decorate together, put up our Christmas tree and sing the carols. We do not forget to study, of course. But all of the classes in December are filled with fun games and quizzes, it is the most fun season after all!
I thank all of the students and friends who have made it to Boroichi Festival this month! We are looking forward to the part 2 in January! Come see us again!
This coming soon holiday season has just one sad news for Little Minds, our most favorite and loved teacher Joss will be leaving us. She will work as a highschool teacher starting January 2013, but the good thing is, Joss does not want to say Good-Bye completely, she is willing to stay a part of Little Minds Family, and will see you all again soon. Joss became a wonderful friend of mine while working together, and we will be staying in touch from now on as well. It is not a Good-Bye, it is a See-You-Really-Soon!
It is the last week before holidays at Little Minds, which means - Winter School is ON! We are crafting and having lots of fun! And we do wait for Santa, of course!
See you all at school!

P.S: Little Minds is looking for a Preschool Teacher Assistant, preferably Japanese with an English speaking ability. Please, call 03-3706-1119 for details.

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