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A Happy New Year to All! Here comes 2013!
Hello, everyone! I must say I absolutely love Japanese New Year holidays. Especially in my family, because we all get to spend time together, slow days of keeping warm inside of our house, eating yummy food, meeting friends; waiting for Santa before the New Year comes, and after that (speaking about us) celebrating our daughter's birthday; isn't she a lucky one! Her birthday is always a holiday;) My children are especially happy to see their mom and dad fulltime not working but staying home, no one is rushing anywhere...I love the peaceful and oh so friendly and quiet tradition visiting temples during the first couple of days of the New Year;people are lining up and no one is stressed out, everybody gets his or her chance to pay respect and pray for all of the best things in New Year. Every year my family goes to Setagaya Hachiman Temple; as soon as we all wake up and have our ozouni and osechion the first New Year day. After going there and exchangine our last year talismans for the new ones, we all drive to Asakusa to look at Sensouji, take a walk through Kaminarimon, visit lots and lots of fun stores along the ancient shopping street. I love it there! I even got my favorite sweets this time - "kaminariokoshi", mmnnnnn! YUM!
Honey SONY December-January 2012-2013 437
Where did you go during your winter break? Did you enjoy your time off? I am very inetersted to get to know tomorrow, how all of my students spent their vacation.
Even though Little Minds classes start only today, I've been preparing things for the lessons days before thinking of what everyone has to share about their winter adventures.
I am looking forward to seeing you all this coming week, my dear students, and parents, of course. I can not wait to hear what presents everybody got from Santa or what is your favorite osechi are. Please, talk to me about your skiing camps and just relaxing time at home.I am so excited with all of you!

As for Little Minds, yes this year of 2013 , Kumiko and I welcoming as a team of two.  We do not want to rush into the decisions, that is why we are carefully working on choosing the new teachers staff for our school. Of course, nothing changes and your teacher Patricia will be there in classroom for you! Every day! I will be happy to see you all! I wish everyone a great New Year! Please, try to bring to life every thing you' ve been planning. Please, work hard on your every skill! Let us write our New Year Resolutions and look at them in the end of 2013! I think, it is a one great idea! I see you all at school!

A Happy New Year!

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