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Welcome, Mr. Jose Sanchez!
Hello everyone! Little Minds thanks all of the friends who came visit us during Boroichi Festival last week! It has been great to see you all in spite of all of the snow and icy roads, cold and crowds of people;)
January 2013 099
I have an important announcement to make. We have made our choice, and are very glad to welcome a new teacher in our team!  It has been a week since Mr. Jose Sanchez has joined Little Minds.Our new teacher is originally from Spain. He speaks and teaches both English and Spanish languages and has an experience living and working in the USA and Japan. Mr. Sanchez also speaks Japanese very well, that is why our students parents can make sure they ask all of the questions about their child's progress directly. Mr. Jose teaches our afternoon program classes, and all of the children seem to like his personality a lot.

I am excited to work together with Jose, develop our brand new ideas and activities. There are plans for re-opening Big Minds Classes (adults) really soon. Please, phone Little Minds for more information. See you all at school!

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