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At School! At School! I'd rather be at school!
Hello everyone! And here we come again! A lot had happen in Little Minds since last time I've written my blog! Mostly exciting things, of course!

First of all we have successfully finished our "Occupations" theme last month. We did a lot of vocabulary drills remembering all kinds of professions, we also did review our phonics with a big language arts project; I must say all of the students had a great expression of their knowledge through art! We did have an amazing time! Some of the children have found very interesting words for definite beginning sounds like "i-Pad" for an "I", "Apple Macintosh" for "A" and "Boeing" for "B"...Our students are sure up to date!
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Preschool class did a lot of art, we did spend time indoors in January, because of all of the slow-melting snow at the park and wide puddles of mud it has created. We have decided to get busy painting!!! And wow! Oh how many beautiful paintings we have seen during these couple of weeks! I personally got me my portrets painted by my students! I absolutely love them!

Preschool worked on variety of skills, and we did grow a lot cutting with scissors, using glue, learning manners and new songs!

After all that a new teacher has arrived to our Preschool Class! Welcome, Sybrina, we all say!

January-February 2013 177January-February 2013 184
Preschool Class fell in love with her right away! Sybrina is from the United States of America. She is an Early Childhood Education professional, and has a great experience working in Japan already. Sybrina has tons of ideas, she also sings great; all of the children love her songs and finger plays. Sybrina and I, we have wonderful plans for our preschoolers!
Are you excited already? See you guys at school!

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