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Very-very Hungry Caterpillars!
Hello, everyone! This week at Little Minds preschoolers were studying healthy and not realy healthy food. We were experimenting with world famous story by Eric Carle "A very hungry caterpillar". Sybrina has prepared all of the wonderful materials for our little students to create the most cute craft ever. After that we all were talking about how many healthy things caterpillar ate and what junk food he really did not have to eat. It was really fun to listen to our students' comments. Please, enjoy the photoes of what our preschool class has come up with! And, of course, see you all at school!
LM february2013 138LM february2013 142
LM february2013 143LM february2013 147
LM february2013 150LM february2013 159
LM february2013 166LM february2013 168
LM february2013 169LM february2013 170
LM february2013 171LM february2013 172
LM february2013 173LM february2013 174
LM february2013 175LM february2013 176
LM february2013 177LM february2013 179

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