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Happy Endings bring even Happier New Beginnings!
Hello, everyone! It has been a while since my last post here, and I feel like I have tons of news to tell.
Yes, our preschool class of 2013 has happily graduated, and we are so glad that many of them will be staying with us, and some of them will be joining afternoon programs.
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The other great news is that our preschool class is in fact almost full for the new term, and we have more then 10 buddies every day exploring and learning in our classroom. We did need help, and that is why our new assistant Ikuko has joined Little Minds Family. Welcome!
Little Minds students did have a fun spring school, thanks to all who signed up for our special lessons. We have created lots of cool things together: exotic birds and recycled coffee filter butterfies! We played so many games, and just had so much fun. Thank you, everybody, indeed!
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175 183
This year spring break did last a bit longer then usually, we did have two weekends plus the whole week off. I spent those days with my family going places around Tokyo and Yokohama with my children, visiting hot springs in Yamanashi, lake Kawaguchiko, shopping in Costco and Ikea, doing my spring cleaning and organizing, and even celebrating my 35th birthday! I would like to thank my student M. and her mommy who are currently overseas for the beautiful flowers they have sent for me! Thank you very much! Your attention made my birthday even more special.
And right now, I am happy to be back to work, to our warm and cozy classroom full of busy students, smiles and laughs! We have many things to do; we got a whole bunch of new friends, two year olds, and imagine that! they do not cry much for their mommies, because their daily schedule is so exciting: we play and practice our daily routines, they get potty trained and serve water at lunch by themselves, we go outside holding on a rope, we put our things away nicely and learn to share...Frankly speaking, four hours and a half is a very short time, when you have a schedule like ours:) And I even did not mention our special worksheet time, conversation time and vocabulary drills for our monthly theme...

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327 349
354 359
We are so excited about our new school year! Do you want to be a part of it? Come join us quick! Preschool has only a few spots left! I see you all at school!

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