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Time for our BIG phonics review!!!
Hello, everyone! Busy-busy in May! The weather is getting nicer and nicer, so we do spend a lot of hours at the park. At the same time preschoolers have started their weekly phonics. We practice one letter sound during the whole week. We learn lots of vocabulary, play bingo and searching words. Doing arts & crafts for each letter of the alphabet seems to be a great fun as well! Check us out!
IMG_3844 IMG_3769

Beautiful stempers for letter "B"....
IMG_3779 IMG_3796

...or one breathtaking butterfly wreath... or backpack...the word "building" starts with letter "B" as well....                                                                                                                                                            
IMG_3607 IMG_3804
....take a B-B-Break and let us do some art...we can color a backpack...or why don't we create a

dragonfly for letter "D"!!! Or a Clay Cake for letter "C"....
IMG_4020 IMG_3852IMG_3863 IMG_3869
Searching for letter "C" words is fun!!! We drawing C-C-Circles around them....
IMG_3874 IMG_3888
We review the words we have learned earlier and do language art projects categorizing them by
their first sound...
IMG_3898 IMG_3901
we present our work after that in front of everyone on our hmmm...almost real stage...
IMG_3913 IMG_3918
we keep on learning everywhere...indoors and outdoors... "C" is for caterpillar....
IMG_3931 IMG_3934
Cutting the paper strips to create my paper caterpillar is so much fun...
IMG_3937 IMG_3990
"C" is for creative and also cute!!!! Aren't we both of these words?
See you at school!!!IMG_3838

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