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Morning Group Circle
Hello, everyone! The weather forces us to stay in these days! So what! - we say and spend more time doing yoga and dancing along with our favorite tunes.
October 2013, first week 005 October 2013, first week 024
We have discovered this week, that the month of September was gone...October is here and suddenly from all corners of the classroom and office big and small boxes with Halloween stuff start appearing. Yes, indeed, we have started our preparations! Preschool class was practicing their freeze dance ( you might think, it is easy! well....then you never tried to make a crew of two-three-year-olds to freeze:)...)

Little Minds is looking forward to see all of the members for our Halloween Party (October 26th, Saturday, at 15:30) and absolutely anyone for our Halloween Parade in Boroichi street (same day, October 26th, Saturday, at 17:00) Candy fee is 500yen for memebers and 1000yen for non-members! You are guaranteed to have a great deal of candy! Just be in time to reserve your ticket!
See you at school!

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