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Getting started!
Hello! Let me introduce myself. I'm Patricia. I'm Russian, who lives in Tokyo for almost 5 years now.
I'm teaching English to little children, it's my joy. Couple months ago my husband, friends and I opened a small international school for young learners in Setagaya, Tokyo. Little Minds International School is the name. We all were preparing for that moment a very long time, gathering our experiences, thoughts,  and ideas. It took two years to find a perfect space, and it took 3 months to put that space together. We enjoyed planning and thinking through the lay out and design to make our little students comfortable, to create a cozy and warm environment for their learning. We opened in June 2007, we are new, but experienced, not well known yet, but very excited to bring our knowledge, experience, and most important, love to our students. 

Pages of my journal are opened for all the friends of Little Minds! Let's share happy moments and precious memories!

Welcome to Little Minds!

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