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Let's read!
Let me talk a little bit more about our Academy class! It starts right after Preschool at 13:30. One-and-a half hours of learning phonics, reading, writing and speaking! Isn't that exciting? Our students use work books, too. Recently our students are really interested in reading, so we do lot's of reading activities. Our students already know short vowels and read three-letter words with those vowels pretty well! They also recognize colors' names. We use the "Hooked on Phonics" program as one of the materials to teach our students reading. We sometimes copy the pages, let students read them, and after that they can color the pictures! They usually love it! Our students can take the pages home and read for mom and dad. Last Wednesday reading colors' names activity turned into colorful language arts (take a look at the pictures!). This activity is so simple to organize; we usually do not throw away any colorful paper, even left-over paper is to use and to re-use in our classroom again. We usually cut all the left-over paper into small pieces and use them for all kinds of mosaics, collages and cards. This time we took white A3 paper, wrote colors names on them, and boxes under them. We put the flash cards on the table. Our student were matching the words and looking for the pieces of the right color on the table, then they were gluing them into the right boxes. As the result everyone had nice color charts!!! All of our students were happy! 

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