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Are you ready for FUN???
Hello, Everyone! It's getting hotter and hotter outside! Last week our Summer School started, and it's been busy, but fun! We were happy to have our classroom full of new friends, who's decided to join us this summer . 
summer paintings It's a bee hive!!! 
Many activities were planned, but some of activities and crafts we did and do just because children like them. They ask us and we love to have fun together. We painted a lot with Preschool and Academy classes. The theme was Summer, of course, and we were surprised how many stories our students wanted to tell us in their paintings. Our advanced class loves quizzes, so we gave them the pictures of summer things, one-by-one they were drawing the pictures on the white board and letting their friends guess what it was. We couldn't stop laughing, so much fun it was!!! Nobody could guess, it was a bee hive in Maru's picture, untill she drew a funny bee next to it!!!

You may be have read on Shawn's blog already about the highlight of last week in Little Minds, called GOOP! Children just LOVED IT!!!! And teachers, too! We let our students make it themselves. We started with starch. Children were touching it and couldn't hide their emotions! Then we added water little-by-little and everybody was facing changes happening to starch! Eyes were opening wide, children were screaming: Look!Look!!!! Then, when we finely got our goop ready and students played with it enough, we had one more surprise ready for them....We added water colors, and again let them mix themselves!!! Again and again children were asking us to add new colors observing color mixing changes. We went from white to a funny-looking dirty gray color!!! It took a while, but everyone was sooo happy!
One of the favorite things in Little Minds Summer School is going to the park! We take off early, right after our students get to school, so at 9:30 we are at the park. We water the play ground to keep the dust down and play about one hour outside. Lots of games and water play are starting in August! Please, don't be late and join!!! List of students is almost full for every day already! 

Our Language Arts class was painting rocks this Monday! Take a look! All of the stones are original and look so cool!

Snack time is special in Summer School! We offer shaved ice with many kinds of toppings, cotton candy of many flavors and popcorn! The favorite for now is shaved ice! I think because of all of the heat outside! 

We are happy to see you in our Summer School! Please, come and see yourself, how much fun it is! And don't forget! You get to learn and speak English! 

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